How We Work

We create spaces that are a true reflection of our clients, neither overpowering them with our own style nor merely applying the latest trends. Instead, we work hard to imbue a sense of originality and individuality into every project.  We also happen to think that working with us should be fun! Projects are more enjoyable when the process is straightforward and stress-free, so we stay organized, we vow total transparency and we bring a little levity whenever we can. 



We make a room look and feel better by taking our time to get every last detail right. We seamlessly blend family heirlooms with newly acquired items so that you end up with a look that is thoughtful and lived-in. We style everything from bookcases and bar carts to bedrooms and offices.


We make the big picture a reality. We harness your vision and taste to create a space you enjoy spending time in. We consider lighting, layout and color as we work happily alongside your architect and contractor to make sure that your style is reflected in all phases of design and construction.

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There are definitely more than 50 shades of grey. Consider us your color sherpas, guiding you through the color wheel and helping you to define the right palette for your space, whether it is choosing a paint color for a single room or defining a color scheme for your entire project.


Artwork is a superb way to showcase your individual style. With a tap on local and national artists, we source the right size, medium, and subject that best complements your space. We are also skilled at art placement, so hand over your measuring tape and drill -- we've got this. 



Textiles have the power to make a room, so why settle for cookie-cutter? We make furniture and pillows using rare, vintage and high quality textiles that we source from all over the world, including right here in Washington, DC. Our custom pillows are surprisingly affordable. Best of all, they are unique to you and in the sizes that are right for your space. 


Entertaining is hard work, even for Martha. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to come up with a vision that guides us as we bring together flowers, linens, and other elements. The end result is a cohesive look that is not overdone. From dinner parties to getting your home ready for the holidays, we set a killer table.